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Critical Study of Text for you "The fable of Pigs"

Critical Study of Text for you
"The fable of Pigs"
Once, there was a fire in the woods where there were some pigs. These were roasted by the fire. Men accustomed to eating raw meat, tried and found them delicious. Delicacy of the Gods. So every time we wanted to eat roast pigs, some pigs and loosened burned the forest, the model has grown, and millions of people were involved in the system ... until the whole country was involved in the model. But what I want to tell is what happened when they tried to change the SYSTEM to deploy a new one. It was time that some things were not going well: sometimes, the animals were burned or partially raw, others so burned that it was impossible to use them. As a procedure was mounted on a large scale, much to everyone concerned because if the system failed, the losses were also great. Millions were those who ate roast beef and also many millions were those occupied in this task. Therefore, the SYSTEM should not just fail. But curiously, as they did in larger scales, more like fail and cause major losses appeared. Because of the deficiencies, increased complaints. It was a general outcry the need for profound reform of the SYSTEM. MODEL was in trouble. So much so that every year, were held conferences, seminars, conferences and workshops to find the solution. But it seems not hammered the improvement of the mechanism, because the following year, echoed to the conferences, seminars, conferences and seminars. And so ever. The causes of failure of the SYSTEM, according to experts, should be attributed to indiscipline among pigs that did not stay where they belong, or the fickle nature of fire, so difficult to control, or trees too green, or moisture of the earth, or weather information service, which did not succeed the place, time and amount of rainfall, or ... The causes were, as we see, difficult to determine because, in fact, the system for roasting pigs was very complex. Outside mounted a large structure, a large machine with many variables outside institutionalized. There were individuals dedicated to light the incendiadores at the same time, they were specialist sectors (incendiadores the north, west zone, etc.; incendiadores nocturnal, diurnal specializing morning and afternoon; incendiadores summer, winter, with the legal dispute over autumn and spring). There were experts in wind: the anemotécnicos. There was a general manager and food assamentos roast, a technical director of igneous (with its general council of advisors), a general manager of afforestation, a committee of professional training in porcologia, a higher institute of culture and food techniques (ISCUTA) and BRODRIO (Bureau Igneooperativas Reform Advisor). The BRODRIO was so great that reforms had inspector for every 7,000 pigs, approximately. And it was precisely the BRODRIO it rendered annually conferences, seminars, conferences and seminars. But this only seemed to serve to increase BRODRO in bureaucracy. He had designed and was in full growth the formulation of new woods and forests, following the latest technical information (in selected regions, according to certain guidelines, where the winds are not blowing more than three hours and where the percentage was reduced humidity). There were millions of people working in the preparation of the woods that they would soon be fired. There were experts in Europe and the United States, studying the best import of wood, trees and seeds for better and more powerful fireworks, studying operative ideas (eg, how to make holes for them to drop the pigs before the fire, to make arrangements them out at the appropriate time, technicians in your food, etc. .. The solutions were suggested that Congress, for example, apply triangularmente fire after the Va-1 by the speed of southerly winds, release the pigs 15 minutes before the fire -averaged forest reached 97 degrees, others said it was necessary to bring large fans that were used to guide the direction of fire and so on. And there is no need to mention that few experts were in agreement with each other and that each had a research and data to prove their claims. One day, a category incendiador OS / DMNCH (ie a lighter woods specialist southwest, daytime, morning with a degree in rainy summer) named John Common Sense, said that the problem was very easy to solve. Everything was, he first chose to kill the pig, cleaning and cutting the animal properly and placing it later in a metal cage or frame on a charcoal fire, until the effect of heat, not flames, the point assasse . Aware, the Director General of baking sent for him and asked what strange things walking around and talking after you hear him, said:

- What you speak is fine, but only in theory. It will not work in practice. Worse yet, it is impractical.
Let's see what you do with anemotécnicos in the case of adapting suggesting?
- I do not know, said John
- Where will you put the lighters of various specialties?
- I do not know.
- And experts seeds, wood?
- I do not know.
- And the people who went abroad to specialize for years and whose education has cost both to the country.
I'll put them to clean pigs?
- I do not know.
- And those who have specialized in all these years for conferences, seminars and workshops for the Reform and Improvement System?
If what you say solves everything, what I do with them?
- I do not know.
- You realize now that your solution is not that we need? Do you think that if everything were so simple, our experts would not have found a solution before? Check it out! Which authors talk about it? What authority can evaluate your suggestion? You, of course, imagine that I can not tell the engineers what is anemotécnica matter of putting brasinhas no flames! What do I do now prepared to woods, to the point of being burned, which only have wood suitable for the fire-in-all, whose trees no fruits, whose lack of leaves makes it not provide for shade? What do I do?
Tell me!
- I do not know.
- What do I do with the Commission Staff Writer Program Roasts, with its Departments of Classification and Selection of Pigs with the Functional Architecture of Stables, Statistics, Population, etc..?
- I do not know.
- Tell me Porcopirotécnica The engineer, Mr. JC of Figuration, an extraordinary personality is not scientific?
- Yes, it seems so.
- Well, the simple fact of possessing valuable and extraordinary engineers Porcopirotécnica indicates that the system is good.
And what I do with individuals so valuable?
- I do not know.
- See? You have to bring solution to certain problems, for example, how best anemotécnicos, how to get faster lighters from the west (which is our most difficult!). Have to improve what we have and not change it. Bring me an offer for our fellows in Europe cost less or show me how to make a good magazine for in-depth analysis of the problem of reform baking .. This is what we need. This is what the country needs. When you lacks wisdom, Common Sense!
Tell me, for example, what do we do with my good friend (and relative), the chairman of the Committee for the Study of Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Ex-Woods?
- Actually, I'm stumped!
said John
- Well, now you know the problem well, so do not say that you fix everything. Now do you see that the problem is more serious and not so simple as you thought. Both low and outsiders say, "I fix everything." But it has to be inside to hear the problems and know the difficulties. Now, between us, I recommend that you do not push with your idea, because this could cause problems for you in your office. Not for me! I speak for your own sake, because you know you can find another less than sympathetic.
You know how they are sometimes not?
John Sense, alas, did not say a "A". Without saying goodbye, half scared and half stunned, with the feeling of walking upside down, left and never saw anyone. Do not know where it went. That's why I say that, in these tasks of reform to improve the system, lack the 'Common Sense'.


(Artigo originalmente publicado em Juicio a La Escuela Cirigliano, Forcade Tilich Editorial Humanitas – Buenos Aires, 1976).


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